As in years past, at this year's festival we will have materials for attendees to build their own impromptu fairy structure in the gardens behind the museum.

Gathering materials for this popular tradition takes a fair amount of work, many hands, and foresight and we need your help! Some of our favorite materials can be found lying on the July and August's forest floors. Gathering materials can be a fun group or family activity and it's a great excuse to take a walk in the woods or along a river's edge. 

We ask that all items are found (and not plucked); let us do no harm! We have a list of natural items below that we keep an eye out for and this is a good foundation for a treasure hunt of sorts. 

All items can be dropped off at the museum (if we're not there please leave them on the porch). To have a better sense of the help we might be able to rally for this endeavor, we are encouraging our community members that are interested in helping to "sign up" to be a forager. We will have a drawing for a free fairy fest t-shirt and an adult ticket for participants that drop items off to sweeten the deal.

We hope that the act of collecting these items is a fun activity; we believe it encourages altruism as our foragers will be collecting for the benefit of others who are eager to feel the magic of the fest. Thank you for being a part of it! Please sign up below to receive a reminder about foraging, the list of items below, and to learn how to let us know about your finds.

A Gathering List: Natural Items for Fairy Houses

  1. Acorn caps

  2. Birch bark  

  3. Shells

  4. Pebbles

  5. Pine cones

The simple challenge of creating a fairy house gives children a unique activity that encourages them to go outside and connect with the natural world, nurturing care and respect for the environment.
— Tracy Kane, Author of "The Fairy House" series