Grateful for Our Donors

Supported by the generosity of our donors, The Nature Museum continues its vital work through all the seasons. Our staff is active in Grafton and way beyond.  Environmental educators are providing science lessons in local classrooms and leading youth on out-of-doors adventures, like studying tracks on the trail and discovering new habitats. We also welcome families to examine our wonderful dioramas inside The Museum. The Nature Museum’s annual series of talks and walks for adults featuring naturalists and experts throughout New England is helping keep the wonder, scientific study, and stewardship of our natural world alive. 

The Nature Museum is extremely grateful to the individuals, families and businesses whose philanthropy sustains The Nature Museum. Contributions from our strong community are critical to the financial health and sustainability of our mission.  The following names represent the generous philanthropic gifts by Nature Museum donors in 2015, including our Annual Fund.

Andrew Adler
Allen Brothers Farm Market
Eric Anderson
Greg Anderson and Helen Samuels
Christina Angell
John Avault
Robert Backus, M.D.
Bob & Jean Baldwin
Nancy Barber
Sam Battaglino
Mike & Tina Blake
Mark and Madeline Bodin
William Borsi
Fredric & Joanne Boswell
Jill & Hans Bruning
Jana Bryan and Mark Kenney
Jessica & Sean Buchanan
T. Eaton Burr
Jack Carlock
Heather Chase
Chroma Technology
Cota & Cota, Inc.
Mary Culver
Robert & Alice Culver
Adam Danforth
Laurie & Will Danforth
Megan Danforth & Tom Pike
Ted & Nan Danforth
Nancy & Steven Davis
Charlotte & Paul Dean
Pat Dion
Robert & Maryanne Donald
Robert Dowler & Clare Dowler-Dube
Priscilla Ellsworth
Robert & Koren Erskine
Tom & Tania Evans
Dan Farrar
Kenneth Finch
Hans & Suzy Forlie
Bob and Mary Ann Galandak
Kimberly Galandak-O'Connor & Jonathan O'Connor
Mike & Margo Ghia
Anna Glisson
Tom & Diane Golding
Leslie Goldman & Matt Peake
Charles & Mary Goodfellow
Arthur Gould
Laurel Green & Steve Crofter
Lynda & John Gregory
Olive Griffin
Susan Hacker
David & June Hall
Noralee Hall
Robert & Karen Hall
Douglas & Muriel Hard
Susan Harper
Kate Harris
Roger Haydock
Ashley Hensel-Browning
Mary Hepburn
Keith Hermiz
Harvey and Christina Hill
Cathryn Holinger
Betsy Huffman
Carl Hughes
Pat Jeziorski
Imerys Talc
Jamie Gregory Trucking & Excavating, LLC
Eleanor Johnsen






Julie Moir Messervy
Mary and Bill Kearns
Christopher Keating
Carrie & Gary King
Sandra King
Liisa Kissel
Ed Koval
Lisa Laird
Kathy Leo
Molly Leuschel& Maurice Geurts
Kathleen Long
Eric & Lisa Lowrey
Katie Macko
Made to Move Pilates
Thomas Marrone
Claire Martell
Chappy & Margo Matt
Hardy & Nancy Merrill
Daniel Michaelson
Christine & Stephen Mills
Meg Minehan and Chris Bernier
Philip & Lynn Morgan
Michael Obuchowski
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Olmstead
Maureen & Michael Parker
Bruce Parks
Carolyn and Alan Partridge
Julie Pollard
Irwin and Melissa Post
Lauren Potter
Peter Powers
Mike Erskine
Camilla & James Roberts
Susan Roman
Judy & David Ross
Elaine Roy
Lynn & John Russell
Joan & Frank Ryan
Robert Ryan & Margi Fineran
Christopher & Denize Schemm
Jeremy Schrauf
Katherine Sinsabaugh
Richard & Lois Sippel
Chistopher Smick
Margaret Stewart
Gordon & Rebecca Streeter
Suzanne Swanson
The Shona Grill
Philip Tiemann
Andrew Toepfer
David Whittall & Deborah Toomey
Harold & Virginia Vogel
Addie Vogel
Marianne & Michael Walsh
William Walters & Christine Tattersall
Richard & Sally Warren
Erin Waysville
Tara & Jon Welcher
Barbara Westine
Paul Wilson
John & Jen Wright
Sigourney & Mark Wright
Brann & Ellen Wry
Scott Wunderle
Judy Yogman & Bob Sartini
Carol Young
Janet & Alan Yuspeh