Brave Bears Celebrate Spring, Look to Summer


Last week, during the local schools' spring break, we welcomed children ages 6-9 to our drop-off full day camp program, Brave Bears, on both Wednesday and Thursday. We love the curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity of this age group. Plenty of opportunity for open-ended play outside fit the bill after a mild, but long, winter.

The Brave Bears were out and about both days, spending as much time as possible roaming the woods, building forts, creating fairy houses, exploring the pond and romping around the playground. 

Both days started with a short lesson and inspection of some of the museum treasures such as a leopard's skin and a bird spider.  Each day ended with everyone happy, tired and a little bit dirty!

We will be offering two week-long Brave Bears camps this summer; registration is already open for both programs. Nab your child's spot because school will be out before you know it and nature awaits!

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