Brave Bear Wrap-Up: Nature Called and Our Campers Said "YES!"

We recently capped off another exciting session of Brave Bears camp. To say that it was a full week would be an understatement! Games in the garden topped our campers' list of favorite activities, especially the no-fail classic game, Capture the Flag. Several rousing rounds had our campers moving and shaking!

Numerous trips to the pond, stream, and woods kept us cool, as did our special treat (ice cream!) on Friday. 

We enjoyed our downtime too; we made bug hotels and fairy houses using some painted pots. Bob Engel, retired Marlboro College professor, graced us with a visit and we had a chance to handle specimens and ask him questions. 

Thank you to all of the campers that joined us this summer for Brave Bears! We loved having you and sharing our little corner of nature with you.