The Nature Museum's Carrie King Steps Down

Carrie King, Executive Director of The Nature Museum, has announced she will step down this month after leading the museum for the past seven years. We wish her the best!

I’m starting 2019 with a bittersweet good-bye; I am stepping down as the Executive Director of The Nature Museum and will end my tenure after the first week of January.

The museum has been a special home for me over the past seven years, and it was not an easy decision to leave to pursue another opportunity. I’ve relished being a part of the passionate team here and connecting with our museum’s thriving community. I’ve been inspired by my time working at The Nature Museum: seeing a child hold a frog for the first time, fantastic forays for wild mushrooms and migrating birds, hosting big beekeeping workshops and welcoming thousands of visitors to the magic of the Fairy House Festival.

The Nature Museum strives to keep the natural world “alive” for our community, even —and especially—in the midst of life’s daily hubbub. I am honored to have been a part of this mission, and I leave assured that the museum will continue to grow, thrive, and do phenomenal work for the planet and the people we serve.

I look forward to returning and being a volunteer at the Fairy House Festival! Thank you Nature Museum family!

All the best,


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