Judith Schwartz wants to change the way you look at water — and climate change

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Join us Thursday evening for an exciting discussion with author Judith Schwartz, “Climate Solutions in Plain Sight: The Role of Water”. Schwartz, author of Cows Change the Planet and Water in Plain Sight contends that by allying with the water cycle, we can revive lush, productive landscapes. 

During this talk, Schwartz will share examples from around the world of water innovators and the fascinating relationship between the water cycle and climate change. 

In the run-up to this thought-provoking event, we've including a shortlist of recommended "reads" and "watches" for Thursday's attendees. Purchase your tickets in advance and you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with these recommendations. 

Schwartz's The Guardian article from April 2017 is a solid place to start for an overview of how she perceives the climate change debate. In that opinion piece, she urges us to move away from the idea that it can be summed up in a single story with a single culprit and solution. It is much more complex than that.