TransCanada Bellows Falls Visitor Center

The health of the Connecticut River is vital to the health of our region. The Visitor Center seeks to inspire stewardship of the Connecticut River and all our local waterways. The Nature Museum operates the Visitor Center on behalf of TransCanada Corporation, owner of the fish ladder as well as the hydroelectric facility in Bellows Falls, Vermont.


Open Fridays-Sunday in the summer, Memorial Day through Labor Day, the Bellows Falls Visitor Center is home to a series of hands-on environmental programs for children and adults. Visit the center to learn more about the Connecticut River watershed, the salmon and other fish that use the fish ladder, and the river's many plants and animals. An experienced naturalist educator is on hand to answer any questions and lead free, hands-on environmental programs throughout the summer.

17 Bridge Street, Bellows Falls, VT 05101
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Ph. 802.843.2111

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10AM-4PM (Memorial Day-Labor Day)
Drop-In Programs every Friday and Saturday from 11am-12pm

Admission and programming is free

2016 Programming at the Fish Ladder Center

Experienced naturalist educator Rachel Brown will be returning to lead the center's programming this summer. Rachel will be leading family programs each Friday and Saturday from 11am-12pm. On Sundays, docent Hailee Galandak-Cochran will be on hand to answer visitor questions. 

The family programs are recommended for children ages 4 and up. Check out this summer's lineup!:

June 3rd & 4th | Creatures of the Night
Who’s active in the evening?  How do they find their way in the dark?  Learn about the many creatures that are active at night and the nocturnal senses they use to navigate.  

 June 10th & 11th | Feathers and Flight
Soaring, hopping, or singing, birds display incredible behaviors.  Search for local feathered creatures and observe their special characteristics.

June 17th & 18th | Owls on the Prowl
Sensitive hearing, sharp talons, and silent flight are just a few examples of why owls are incredible hunters.  Feel real owl feathers and learn about the types of owls that live in Vermont.

 June 24th & 25th | Beaver Builders
Beavers create their own habitat by building dams and lodges.  Play games, feel real animal fur, and discover the amazing adaptations and skills of these furry engineers.

July 1st & 2nd | Benefits of Bats
Bats are social, intelligent creatures, plus they eat mosquitoes!  Find out which bats live in Vermont and why bats are beneficial around the world. 

July 8th & 9th | Amazing Amphibians
They're slimy, slippery, and fun to catch.  Learn about the unique habitats of frogs, toads, and salamanders.

 July 15th & 16th | Slithery and Scaly
Turtles, salamanders, snakes, and sunfish are all ectothermic.  Explore the differences and similarities of reptiles, amphibians, and fish through games and activities.

 July 22nd & 23rd | Incredible Insects
Insects live everywhere!  Some fly, others crawl, and many live underwater.  We'll look up close at some real insects, admire their unique adaptations, and observe the varied stages of their life cycles.

 July 29th & 30th | Butterflies and Bees
Nectar from flowers is an important food source for hummingbirds, native bees, and butterflies. Discover how simple additions to your yard or garden can help traveling pollinators.

August 5th & 6th | Abenaki Life
Thousands of years ago, Abenaki people made clothing and built shelters from natural materials.  Food came from hunting, gathering, and fishing.  Listen to a Native American story, play traditional games, and imagine daily life before roads, stores, and electricity.



Follow The Nature Museum to your local library this summer for free nature programming courtesy of TransCanada

Walpole Bridge Memorial Library
June 29th | Beaver Builders 1pm-2:30pm
July 27th | Incredible Insects 1pm-2:30pm
August 10th | Abenaki Life 1pm-2:30pm

Springfield Town Library
July 6th | Benefits of Bats 10am-11:30am
July 27th | Incredible Insects 10am-11:30am
August 10th | Abenaki Life 10am-11:30am

Chester Whiting Library
July 6th | Benefits of Bats 1pm-2:30pm
July 13th | Amazing Amphibians 1pm-2:30pm
July 20th | Slithery and Scaly 1pm-2:30pm

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