2017 Fairy House Donors & Supporters

We thank everyone who made the 9th Annual Fairy House Festival possible!

Pulling off this festive weekend, which delivers memorable, unplugged time outside for kids and adults, is no small feat and we couldn't do it without you! We are incredibly grateful for the financial support of our extended community, which enables us to deliver this magical experience each year.

Individual Donors

Peter Areson
Sam Battaglino
Joanne & Fredric Boswell
Jessica & Sean Buchanan
The William Chapman Family
Susan & Chris Cota
Steve Durand
Dan Farrar
Sue Hadden
Robert Hall
Ali Hartman and Andrew Tolve

Roger Haydock
Sandra King

Jane Kondratovich
Lisa Laird

June and Joe Lupiani
Claire and Jeffrey Martel
Rosa Mass
Linda O'Brien
Whitfield & Linda Painter
Mark & Helga Piel
Julie Pollard


Susan Roman
Elaine Roy
Dottie and Horace Royal III
Jeremy Schrauf
Dave Sterrett
Sara Stowell
Gordon & Dr. Rebecca Streeter
Judy Yogman & Bob Santini

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Corporate Supporters