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We’re planning more topnotch programs and workshops in 2017, along with our dynamite youth programming and plenty of fun family events. BUT we need your financial donations to be able to make these plans happen. We depend on you to keep the Museum vital, connected, and growing. Many of our programs are free, and we make the others affordable by keeping our fees low and always offering financial aid. Your donation is critical in enabling us to serve our full community. 

Team up with us in bringing to our area outstanding educational leaders for youth and adults by giving to our 2016 Annual Appeal.

We’re stretched and your gift could make the difference. 
    •    $50 helps with supplies like pelts, dipping nets, children’s binoculars, art supplies;
    •    $75 helps us offer a reduced-ticket or free local family program;
    •    $100 purchases a new observation bee hive for our pollinator exhibit;  
    •    A $500 gift keeps ticket prices reasonable for a presentation by one of our nationally-known speakers.

Please join The Nature Museum Board, Staff, Volunteers, and our all our generous friends in supporting fun and informative nature experiences.  Donate what is right for you today and then head outside!

The Nature Museum is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, wholly supported by donations, and program fees, gifts, and grants. We will provide all donors with an acknowledgement letter, and donors will be listed in our Annual Report. The Nature Museum will not sell, trade, or share any donor's personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.

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Our 2016 Offerings Were a Hit!

✓ More than 3300 youth and adults participated in one of our programs
✓ More than 1200 people felt the magic of our 8th Annual Fairy House Festival
Thanks for all the good things you do, especially for the children. It is so important that they learn to treasure the other creatures that live around us. If we manage to save the planet, they will be grateful, and will care for it better than we have.
— Brann and Ellen Wry