Carrie King
Executive Director
Carrie is passionate about creating nourishing environments for people, plants, and animals. She is a solutions-based thinker who appreciates comical and creative perspectives. Carrie received a B.S. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Human Services and Peace Studies from S.U.N.Y. Binghamton and spent many years working in Washington, D.C. before moving to Vermont. Carrie is devoted to leaving the world in better shape than when she found it. Her passions include connecting people to nature and strengthening ties within our local communities. Her hobbies include gardening, reading, home renovation, and spending time with family and friends. Carrie makes her home in Chester, VT. She is the founder of the Grateful Garden, an award-winning school and community garden at Chester-Andover Elementary School, a Jr. Iron Chef VT coach of The Skillet Takes at Green Mountain Union High School, and a Trustee of the Whiting Library in Chester.  


Jay DeGregorio
Senior Educator
Jay is a passionate environmental educator who loves teaching all people, but most enjoys teaching young students in the outdoors. Jay believes all people can discover wonder and joy in learning, and that environmental education is one of the best platforms to foster these experiences. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA but now lives in Keene, NH. Jay enjoys teaching about forestry, wildlife, geography, and ecology. Jay received his B.S. in geography with minors in natural science and geographic information science from Penn State University. He received his M.S in environmental studies with a concentration in environmental education from Antioch University New England. Jay is a weather buff, enjoys amateur photography, loves to snowboard whenever possible, finds joy in any time outdoors, and is big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Katie Hamlin
Web + Social Media Coordinator
Katie grew up in the country just outside of Richmond, Virginia. She previously worked in publishing in New York City before moving to Vermont in 2014 with her family. She's grateful that the move has enabled her family to spend more time in nature. She's not the hardiest of outdoor enthusiasts, but she can envision a day when she confidently sets off to hike the Long Trail. For now, she's happy sticking closer to home, enjoying the fresh air, and taking many photos. She maintains the museum's website and works with Carrie and the rest of the staff to communicate all of the exciting things happening at the museum online and on social media.

Daron Bio.jpg

Daron Blake
Communications Coordinator
Daron grew up in upstate NY, where she spent her childhood searching for newts among the hemlock and oak trees behind her house. She earned her BS in Environmental Studies from SUNY Binghamton and her MA in Environmental History from Kansas State University. Daron loves writing about nature, and is excited to work with The Nature Museum to connect more people with the world around them. Her hobbies are reading, roller skating, crocheting, petting cats, and hiking with her three-legged dog.