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Unraveling Avians

Date: Friday, May 15, 2015 | 10AM-3:00PM
Ages: 7-14
Cost: $25

In the morning, students will discover what a bird’s anatomy can tell us about bird behavior and feeding habits. Insightful discussion and fun activities about beaks, feet and feathers will help the homeschoolers learn about the life of birds. We will also observe what we can learn about them from studying their actions. After a lunch break students will discover what field marks are and how they are used to identify individual bird species. With our new knowledge and binoculars in hand, we will head outside to discover avian friends are in our neighborhood.  

From 2 PM to 3 PM, we will be joined by Bird Diva Bridget Butler. She will teach students how to understand what chickadees and robins are telling us, how to find a special sit spot to become one with the landscape, and how to walk in the wild with fresh eyes and ears. 

Birds are telling us the secrets of the forest, field and wetland all the time. We just need to decode their song and movements to discover the secret language of the wild animals around us.
— Bridget Butler