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Brave Bears: Inspecta Insecta

Dates: July 6-10 9AM-3PM
Costs: $150/camper
Ages: Ages 6-9
Space is limited

Join us for five days of adventure! We'll meet bugs, bees and other astounding crawling insects. Bugs by the billions can be found all over Grafton. Using all types of cool tools, we will find different insects under the ground, in the water, around the woods and in the fields during this camp week. Enjoy lots of time outdoors as we look for our six legged friends, venture through the woods,cool off in the stream, and enjoy group games, arts, and crafts. 
On July 9th, we'll have a special break to look at a much larger organism: the bear! Special guest Jaclyn Comeau, a Wildlife Technician with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, will teach us about black bear diet, life cycle, behavior, and habitat use! She will bring the equipment she uses in her job to learn about bears, and we'll get an expert's perspective on why it's so important to study these amazing animals. Brave Bears, meet your namesake! 
Youth should bring a hearty bagged lunch, water bottle, & appropriate, warm clothes to all programs.