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Kindred Spirits: Magnificent Migrations

Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017
Time: 10:00am-11:30am
Ages: All ages
Cost: By donation
Location: Nature Museum at Grafton

Many species of animals migrate as an adaptation to help them be successful. Did you know the Artic Tern travels 40,000 miles during migration but then some native amphibians only travel a few hundred feet?  During this program we will explore the how and why of animal migration.  Migration is truly magnificent. This workshop will be led by environmental educator Jay DeGregorio.

Meet Jay DeGregorio

Jay is passionate environmental educator who loves teaching all people, but most enjoys teaching young students in the outdoors. Jay believes all people can discover wonder and joy in learning, and that environmental education is one of the best platforms to foster these experiences. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA but now lives in Keene, NH. Jay enjoys teaching about forestry, wildlife, geography, and ecology in general. Jay received his B.S. in geography with minors in natural science and geographic information science from Penn State University. He received his M.S in environmental studies with a concentration in environmental education from Antioch University New England. Jay is a weather buff, enjoys amateur photography, loves to snowboard whenever possible, finds joy in any time outdoors, and is big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins.

About Kindred Spirits

This monthly Saturday program series is designed to build a greater understanding between all creatures of the Earth by exploring the mysteries of nature. By offering a shared experience that draws families together, participants will develop a stronger kinship with our Earth and each other. Programs will take place rain or shine, with hands-on activities both indoors and out.