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Kindred Spirits: Spring - The Amazing World of Pollinators

Did you know that, on average, one out of every three to four bites of food we eat or sips of a drink we gulp are made possible by pollinators? So, what is a pollinator? How do they pollinate? Often we think of honeybees and bumblebees as the only pollinators, but these are only some species of many more! Come learn about how pollination happens and the small  heroes that make it possible! Be ready to learn, taste some local honey, plant your own pollinator-friendly plant to take home, and explore our garden that is filled with native plants and flowers that attract pollinators and more!

Admission: By donation; drop-ins welcome, but an RSVP is appreciated for our planning purposes if you're planning on coming

More About Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits is an all ages program that runs throughout the year with one program per season. It is designed to build a greater understanding between all creatures of the Earth by exploring the mysteries of nature. Kindred Spirits programs will happen rain, snow, or shine! Make sure you and yours are ready for whatever the weather has in store for us! If we deem there are unsafe weather conditions (e.g. thunder/lightning, high winds, extreme cold, etc.), we will have an alternative indoor activity.

By offering a shared experience that draws families together, participants will develop a stronger kinship with our Earth and each other. Programs offer hands-on activities both indoors and out. All ages welcome. Admission is by donation and includes exploring the Nature Museum's exhibits on your own following the program.

If there is hazardous weather for traveling or any unforeseen circumstance that would not allow a program to happen, please check the email you registered for the program with OR please visit for any cancellation notice.