Sue Morse Presents "Cougars Return to the East" on January 20th

We are thrilled to announce our first community event of 2016; purchase your tickets in advance for Sue Morse's presentation, "Cougars Return to the East" on January 20th at 7 p.m. at Chester's News Bank Conference Center. Morse is a nationally recognized naturalist and habitat specialist with forty years of experience tracking and monitoring wildlife uses of habitat throughout North America.

Did you know that Vermont's last known cougar, also known as a mountain lion or catamount, was killed in 1881 in Barnard? A cougar, now stuffed, is on display at The Nature Museum in Grafton. In 2011, a cougar was hit by a car and killed on a Connecticut highway. Subsequent DNA testing found that the animal was from South Dakota.

There is no question about it. Cougars are not only being seen in eastern North America, some are attempting to recolonize their former habitats.  Where once it was flatly dismissed as impossibility in the so-called “developed” east, scientists have now documented cougar dispersals and even occupancy of a growing list of eastern states and provinces.  Join us for a magnificently illustrated introduction to cougar biology and ecology in the broad diversity of habitats where Sue has studied them, from Alberta to the Mexican border. 

This program is geared for adults and children over 10. Questions are encouraged following Sue’s presentation, which is designed to be educational workshop for wild animal lovers and conservationists. 

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Photo Credit: ©Susan C. Morse