Mighty Acorns Learn About Boo-tiful Bats

Last week's Mighty Acorns program was devoted to bats! We kicked off with a bat overview, including a reading of Bat Loves the Night, plus other bat-themed titles.

Then we headed outside for some exploration and games.

Participants played an echolocation game called Bat-Moth. They used their sense of hearing (rather than sight) to hunt (tag) down their prey.

Afterwards, the group came inside and made bat clothespin magnets. 

Our books remain on display for visitors to the museum (we're open every Thursday!). If you come by, please feel encouraged to add your artistic coloring skills to our large bat wall mural. It will be hanging in the back room for the next few weeks and we've love help completing it!

We hope you can join us for our next Mighty Acorns program on Thursday, November 17th!