Year in Review | Donate to the 2016 Annual Appeal

Though we may be a small museum, the impact of The Nature Museum stretches far beyond our home base of Grafton.

This is not by accident. It is the result of a concerted effort several years ago to increase our outreach to the greater community so that we could serve as a significant regional resource for environmental education. And with your help we’re making it happen!

If you consider the impact our public programs have in the lives of everyone from toddlers to seniors, you realize that the work the museum is doing is invaluable and worth supporting.

It takes attention from all of us to grow new ways of living; with this understanding, we are constantly creating new programs and experiences. We strive to deliver different opportunities for our community members' to experience their personal “AHA!” moment within nature.

This year people traveled from near and far to learn about bears, cougars and wolves; bees, fungi and birds. They grew their understanding of climate change, wild edibles, survival skills, and the tiniest critters that call their local pond home. They were of all ages. Many experience our programs indirectly through the joy on their children's faces when they return home, beaming that they have learned how to erect a fort, build a fire, or set off into the woods in a pair of snowshoes.

Our participants don't take these moments for granted; we don't take for granted the people and the support that make them possible. 

Your Impact, By the Numbers

Your generosity is critical; your generosity defines our impact.
↠ A donation of $50 helps with supplies like pelts, dipping nets, children’s binoculars, and art supplies.
↠ A donation of $75 helps us offer a reduced-ticket or free local family program.
↠ A donation of $100 purchases a new observation bee hive for our pollinator exhibit.
↠ A donation of $500.00 gift keeps ticket prices reasonable for a presentation by one of our nationally-known speakers. This can educate over 150 people in two hours.

New information, experiences, and skills—these are the things that drive change not in only our personal lives, but in the trajectory of our community and the larger planet we call home. 

Were you there for Bridget Butler or to learn about cougars from the legendary Susan Morse? Or one of the 1200 folks who frolicked at The Fairy House Festival? Maybe you were one of the lucky folks whose mind was ignited by the incredible Ben Kilham. Almost 500 people came to these three programs. This kind of overwhelming response keeps our minds whirling—who might we invite next year? Help us get over our next big hurdle and let's together raise the donations necessary for another year of spectacular nature programs and events.

We hope you will take the time today to donate to the Museum to ensure the strength of our programming as we move into 2017. Thank you in advance for your support!

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