New for 2017: Kindred Spirits

The Nature Museum will ring in the New Year with an exciting slate of engaging and illuminating Saturday events for families, along with the opportunity to visit the museum by donation.

Our newest program, Kindred Spirits, will run monthly and will be open to all ages. Each program will be presented by a knowledgeable Environmental Educator and will focus on a different natural science theme. Come for the program and stick around after to explore the museum’s natural science exhibitions. 

Join us on Saturday, January 14th for our first Kindred Spirits program; we'll be up to our elbows in art-making that uses natural materials and inspiration from nature. Fairy fans will also have the opportunity to build fairy structures if their heart desires. We welcome drop-ins, but an RSVP is appreciated so please feel encouraged to let us know if you can make it! 

As an important side note, we are proud to offer affordable programs like Kindred Spirits; participants’ donations, as well as the donations of those that give to the Museum throughout the year, make these programs possible. 

Consider participating in this year’s Annual Appeal, going on now, by making a donation to support our efforts to engage and enlighten our audience of all ages and inspire stewardship of the natural world. Your contribution is critical in enabling us to serve our full community. 

We look forward to the year ahead and our pursuit with you in being in kinship with nature!