What Are Your Summer Plans?

Summer in Vermont is a glorious time to get outside and experience the lovely weather that many hanker for the other 8-9 months of the year. 

We know many parents look forward to these months for the opportunity to slow down and reduce some of the overscheduling that feels unavoidable during the school year. But many of us are here at The Nature Museum are parents too and we remember that these stretches can feel a tad bit too long if we don't build in some experiences that will get kids out of their immediate comfort zone (like their rooms or the couch!)

That's where The Nature Museum comes in! We're thrilled to be offering a range of day camps this summer; we hope that you find something that suits your child. For several, registration is encouraged, especially since several of our programs fill up in advance as camps are limited to 12 kids. Below are dates for the full summer; what adventure awaits your little (or big) kid!

Should you have any questions at all regarding camp or other programs, please reach out to our Education Director, Kimberly O'Connor at kimberly@nature-museum.org. Below we have included an overview of our programs for your convenience. Keep in mind that the museum is also open for visits every Thursday and Saturday from 10-4. And of course, check our full calendar for the very latest happenings! 

Wishing you all a very happy start to your summer!

Brave Bears

Brave Bears is our full-day camp adventures for children ages 6-9. 

Summer 2016 Dates
- June 15th | Register
- June 16th | Register
- July 11th-15th | Register
- July 25th-29th| Register

Discovery Days

Discovery Days is a drop-in program offered every Thursday morning from 10am-12pm from June 16th-August 11th for ages 5-8. Parents of 3-4 year olds are welcome to accompany their child if they wish. Pre-registration ($8) is encouraged.

Summer 2016 Dates

Wild Walkers

Wild Walkers is a one day adventure offered quarterly specifically for older kids, 10-14 year olds. 

Summer 2016 Date
- August 9th | Register

A group shot during a session of brave bears last summer

A group shot during a session of brave bears last summer