A Better Understanding Of That Which Goes Bump In the Night

Despite an early evening thunderstorm, participants in last Saturday's all ages workshop, "Nocturnal Animals - Creatures of the Night", were still game for a short hike at dusk. We can't say with certainty, but perhaps several were motivated by the promise of smores to be enjoyed around a campfire at Grafton Ponds at the outing's end.

But rewind; prior to our foray into the woods, attendees heard all about the adaptations nocturnal animals need to hunt and survive at night. Talk about high-tech evolution! Participants had a chance to hold specimens and ask questions. With their new knowledges they headed outside after just as the sun was setting; it was the ideal time to spot toads and frogs and turn their ears open to the sounds of numerous birds who are active at end of the day. 

The smores, as expected, were delicious!

Thank you to everyone who joined us!