Wildly Popular Workshop with The Mushroom Forager Is Another Success

We had a wonderful time teaching two sold out workshops at The Nature Museum at Grafton today. We found a gorgeous patch of these yellow foot chanterelles, as well as black trumpets, golden chanterelles, cinnabar red chanterelles, hedgehogs, lobsters, chaga, reishi, bicolor boletes and chrome-footed boletes. So grateful for everyone’s energy and enthusiasm!
— The Mushroom Forager

Summer rains, wild food workshops and amazing people make good things grow. Thanks to the Mushroom Forager, Ari Rockland-Miller, and all of our Wild World of Mushroom participants for a fantastic day Saturday for our adult workshop and guided walk, The "Wild World of Mushrooms".

Yellow foot chanterelles
Courtesy of the Mushroom Forager

To all of you for whom Saturday's workshop was your first event with us, thank you for joining us and we hope to see you again soon! Of course, it was a special day as well because so many of the museum's longtime friends were in attendance as well. Thank you so much for sharing your time and positive energy with us.  

It was a fantastic day for the mycology crowd who gathered at the Nature Museum. The rain two nights ago gave the woods the perfect amount of moisture that it needed to set the fungi popping today. There were 38 people in attendance total for the two walks (a morning and an afternoon walk were offered) ranging in experience from beginner to very experienced. The participants loved getting a taste of the fruits of the forest that we harvested. Ari's infectious excitement and his depth of knowledge sparked a lot of conversations and questions among the participants.

Were you there? We love to receive audience feedback on your experience, so please fill out our feedback form. Thanks to everyone who turned out today. Hope to see you again at one of our programs or events down the road.