Radio Times: Fairy Fest Spotlighted On WKVT

Our very own board president Laurie Danforth made a guest appearance on WKVT radio's Green Mountain Mornings show last week to spread the word about our 8th Annual Fairy House Festival being held on September 24-25th. Thanks for having us WKVT!

We are gearing up and are still looking for volunteers

Will you be in attendance? Online tickets are available now!

It’s not just about the weekend because people all year long have a relationship with the natural world that they’ve never had before because they’re searching on the beach for the right shells or searching the woods for the right mushroom or moss or bark. It’s really a unique venue for connecting people to the natural world.
— Laurie Danforth
It’s a beautiful venue. It’s an amazing event. It’s fun, it’s full of life, everybody’s excited. I love the fairy festival. We’ve had such a great time there over the past couple of years. Even when my kids outgrow fairies I will still be there.
— Natalie Knowles, WKVT Host