The Next Generation: How Will They Feel About Being in Nature?

Did you know that a recent Nature Conservancy study found that children “associate being in nature with being peaceful, free, calm, and happy.”

What if you could give that feeling as a gift? 

At a time when we're revving up our holiday shopping and searching for the perfect gifts for the special little (and big) kids in our life, it's affirming to think that one of the most meaningful gifts you can give can't be wrapped up.

The Nature Museum offers fresh, fun, and informative experiences that get everyone outside - families and adults included. But these life changing opportunities don't happen without the support of members of our community, like you, who value their connection to the natural world, as well as the connection that others in their community are able to make. 

Your donation makes scholarships, family programs, and free entry to the museum possible; our school, youth, and adult speaker programming remain affordable thanks to the donations we receive from friends like you.

We are currently in the middle of our 2017 Annual Appeal; we hope you will join us today in making a difference for all who seek to visit The Nature Museum or participate in our programs. 

Thank you in advance for your investing in our work here at The Nature Museum. We are committed to spreading the wonder and joy of nature to as many kids, families, and adults; it's the best kind of giving!