Upcoming Talks & Workshops for Adults

Celebrating its 5th season this year, our year-long speaker series for adults is aimed at heightening awareness and understanding of the planet’s most valuable natural resources and threats posed due to climate change.

The winter lineup will feature nationally known naturalist and distinguished wildlife tracker, Sue Morse; biologist, field naturalist and writer, Bryan Pfeiffer; award-winning author and organic orchardist, Michael Phillips. 

These speaker programs are geared for adults and children over 10. Light refreshments will be served. 

Sue Morse, nationally known naturalist, wildlife biologist and photographer, will present a program entitled, “Animals of the North, What Will Global Climate Change Mean for Them?” Taking place at the Cavendish Elementary School, the presentation includes remarkable images of animals in both the arctic and northern habitats.


Organic orchardist Michael Phillips, winner of the American Horticultural Society Book Award, will present “Growing Healthy Fruit Trees and Berries the Biological Way” on March 10th.

Bryan Pfeiffer, biologist, field naturalist and writer, will present “Birds, Butterflies, Backyards and Beyond,” a fresh view of the wild right outside your backdoor. With vivid images from nature and tales from the frontiers of wildlife science, Pfeiffer will offer practical advice for creating wildlife habitat in our own backyards and developing a wildlife ethic on a warming planet. 


On Saturday, March 11th, Phillips will offer a workshop entitled “Creating a Fruitful Landscape: A Field Intensive” for a maximum of ten people at Soul Song Farm.

The Nature Museum is proud to co-sponsor these two events with Michael Phillips with Soul Song Farm of Chester, owned by Jeff Hanavan and Kate Lunde.