The Bird Diva, Bridget Butler on VPR...and soon to be in Chester

Did you happen to catch The Bird Diva Bridget Butler on Vermont Public Radio's annual spring migration show? It aired today at noon, and it is now available for streaming on VPR's website.

We loved listening to Bridget and Jane dish on birds; it really jumpstarted our enthusiasm for getting back into the swing of things with our birding lives.

LISTEN: "In for a Landing: The Spring Bird Show, Vermont Public Radio, 5.24.17"

We have a great diversity of birds here in Vermont. I encourage folks to get out; even if it’s just during your morning cup of coffee. Step outside in your backyard. It’s really amazing this time of year what’s moving through.
— Bridget Butler, speaking on VPR

Want to improve your birding skills so that you can identify what exactly is moving through? This Thursday you'll have your chance in Chester! 

We are beyond excited to welcome Butler this Thursday night at 7pm at Chester's NewsBank Conference center for "Bird is a Verb". She'll answer your questions and share her insights on the birds we'll likely to see in our backyards and nearby woods. Tickets will be available at the door; doors open at 6:30pm and we'll be serving cookies from Grafton Village Bakery. Come on out!