March for Climate Recap, Montpelier

On Saturday, April 29th, The Nature Museum joined students, workers, faith communities, Indigenous Nations, community organizations, and other environmental groups to make it clear that we honor the Earth and recognize climate change is a real and dangerous threat to the natural world. Here is a photo from our Nature Museum crew representing on the steps of the capitol in Montpelier, VT; you can read more about the Montpelier march in the Burlington Free Press

As a non-profit entity dedicated to nature, science and environmental education, the march was a beautiful, hopeful moment. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the next generation of climate justice leaders gives lots of hope for the future. Pictured below are three youth that are committed to stewardship of our natural world and working toward an energy and agricultural economy that works for people and the planet.

(left to right) Matt Powers, senior at Springfield HS, Laurel King, freshman, Grace Johnson, sophomore at Green Mountain Union High School. Photo taken by Carrie King.