The Fairies Are Clapping For YOU!

All of us at The Nature Museum want to thank you for your tremendous support during our 9th Annual Fairy House Festival.  The portal to the fairy world only opens in Grafton for one weekend a year and this year 1100 fairy friends walked through the portal and into the magic of our most fun-filled way of getting all ages closer to nature. 

Hats off to the Volunteers! The parking folks, the ice cream scoopers, the craft helpers, museum docents, set-up and clean-up crew, trail-tenders, fairy-foragers, face-painters, hula-hoopers, bubble wizards, the Royalty of Retail, John the raffle master, magician Em with hair feathers, and a special thanks to the many fairy house architects who have raised the creative and imaginative bar higher each year.  From children to seniors everyone pitched in and worked joyfully in spite of the heat to bring fairy good fortune to the event.

Thank you to our generous donors and local businesses who all help support this unique event. We especially want to thank Helga and Mark Piel and Mary Hudson on whose woodland paths the fairy village magically arrives each year and the Windham Foundation for allowing us to use all their available parking. Thanks to MKT who sold out on Saturday and then worked through the night to bring us another day of delicious food. 

I hope you click on this link to the photo album from this year’s festival and recapture the magic. Check out the 2017 Fairy House Festival program (attached to this email) to get the whole scoop on the festival. This weekend event was such a huge hit and quite a successful fundraiser and so much of the thanks is due to you.

Even before the present year’s festival is over we are already thinking and planning for the next one.  2018 will be our 10th Anniversary!  Each year we work to make improvements in our process, structure, and communications with everyone involved in making this event a success. 

We would LOVE to have your feedback of what worked and what could be improved and perhaps your ideas on how we could make the festival even better for you.  Please take a few minutes to answer after clicking on this link to our easy feedback form.  We would greatly appreciate it.

Bravo to YOU who helped make Fairy House Festival 2017 such a wonderful community event! 

All the best,

Carrie Roy King, Executive Director