A Full House for Our First Mighty Acorns Club of the Year

KIMG1291 (1).jpg

Our first Might Acorns Club program of the year took place this past Friday. Thirteen kids and seven adults were in attendance. It was a perfect fall day!

We began by talking about why fall is special, why the leaves begin to change, and the things that we all notice about fall. We participated in a coloring activity where we first colored a leaf coloring sheet with red, orange, and/or yellow crayons. Then we all colored our coloring sheet leaf with green crayon. We then used a coin to scrape away the green color on part of our leaves to show how the green chlorophyll just hides the wonderful colors we see for most of the year until it goes away.

Afterwards, we took an adventure hike in which each child was given a bucket to collect leaves and other special items. We all sat together at the end of our hike. Each person presented to the group one special thing they found and why they thought it was special. We enjoyed some apple cider at meeting’s end!

Join us for our next Mighty Acorns Club on Friday, November 2nd!