Festival Prep is Underway!

The fairy trail is now abuzz with excitement and new energy in the woods in rising anticipation for our 10th Fairy House Festival! This past weekend was a busy one as volunteers and builders came to Grafton to prep for the fest.

On Saturday, September 15th the Fairy House Builders were invited to join our director, Carrie King, at The Nature Museum for a builder check-in. This time is designed to be a resource to the builder; it gives them a chance to drop in to get constructive fairy house building ideas from books, fairy house examples, and fellow builders. They walked the trail and reserved their site where they will install their exhibit for the festival.

Saturday was also a busy trail and grounds maintenance day at the museum. Staff and volunteers pitched logs and leaves off the footpath, trimmed back the overgrowth and cleared up the familiar fairy campsites. The spirits of the woods felt eager to welcome over 50 amazing fairy house builders who will install the fairy village in two weeks!

The crew worked hard to prepare the foot path which we hope will host over 1000 people to hike this magical trail during the festival weekend. Thanks to Jay DeGregorio, Jill Bruning, Sherry Brown, Jake Pipp and Gary King for their expertise in trail maintenance and magic, plus their collective ton of hard working grit. 


In addition, every year folks from the Nature Museum burn the last fairy wishing tree so the magic energy that people cast into each piece of fabric tied onto the Wishing Tree is able to be set free into the universe. Saturday night was the bonfire which really sparked the energy for this year's festival throughout the fairy community out in the woods, fields, and streams. One of our jobs this week will be building of the 2018 Wishing Tree that promises to be our best and biggest one EVER!