Meet This Year's Builders

We’ve been waiting for this year all year and we’re thrilled to announce our official builders for this weekend’s 10th Annual Fairy House Festival! See a friend? Come to the fest and revel in their creativity! Thanks you in advance to all of these builders for being at the heart of #fairyfestmagic!

  • Katie Anderson

  • Friends and staff of Brattleboro Museum and Art Center

  • Aurora Brown and Rhonda Benoit

  • Greta and Ian Bernier

  • Celia Bohannon, Nancy Mackler, Mary Margaret Jones

  • Girl Scouts of Green and White Mountains Troop #51293
    Leaders: Peggy Bosley, Mary Krueger, Amanda George, Scott Boucher
    Scouts: Adrienne George, Anya Boucher, Ayla Bosley, Autumn Wallace, Claire Gomez, Delilah Beebe, Destiny Bosley, Ellie George, Elizabeth Bartlett, Hailie Stone, Izabella Raymond, Jaice Holden, Lilah Pincus, Madison Vicere, Madison Brehio, Maya Villemaire, Naliah Marilze Halaman, Piper Conway, Sky Aumand and Tiffany Currier.

  • Erica Bowman, Juniper Bowman, and Rob Willis

  • Sophia and Penny Buchanan and Annika and Erik Bruning

  • Sarah Bulkeley

  • Luna Burkland

  • Kendall Christenson

  • Hadleigh Christenson

  • Patti Cole

  • Andrew Cole

  • Will and Laurie Danforth

  • Sarah Dibernardo

  • Niah Doran

  • Jackson Emma and Chase Emma

  • Main Street Arts

  • Leslie Goldman and Matthew Peake

  • Victoria Haley and Mom (Rachel)

  • Victoria Haley

  • Nicole Hamilton, Alaina Hamilton, and Olivia Hamilton

  • Grafton Elementary:
    Kerry Aube Kindergarten
    Kellie Hallock Grades 1/2
    Angela Cartier Grades 3/4
    Scott Febbie/Kim Abrams Grade 5
    Kat St. George Grade 6"

  • Brielle, Liam, Sydney and Avalynn Heybyrne

  • Carol Irish

  • Sarah Johnson and Samuel Johnson

  • Michelle Kraics, Don Kraics, Colin Haggerty, Braden Haggerty, Seanie Haggerty"

  • Nikita Lenahan and World of Discovery Inc.

  • Heather Luther

  • Pat and Stan Mack

  • Kearns Martells

  • Margo Matt

  • Krissy Miller

  • Daze Mortensen (and family )

  • Lodja and Celia Piluski

  • Aimee Parnell, Callum Parnell, and Mairen Gleeson"

  • Phoenix-Laughman Homeschool Builders

  • Tanya Plummer, Payslie Plummer, and Payne Plummer

  • Savana Rentas

  • Maya Rentas

  • Stryder LaRose and Banyah LaRose

  • Olivia and Amanda Roberts

  • West River Montessori School

  • Amelia, Skyla, Tim, Jana

  • Melissa of MerMonkey Tattoo

  • Zach, Michelle, Elsa, Aria, and Luna Stephens

  • Wayne Stone

  • Roberta D Streeter

  • Valley Cares Assisted Living Residents and Dawn Slade

  • The Velto Family

  • Students from The Grammar School

  • Patricia Walsh and Virginia Kaczmarek

  • Henry, Saza and Lulu Wilson

  • Sofia and Trish Weill

  • Brayah White, Brynlee White, Brencen White

  • Aria, Anneka and Erica Yuengling

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