Blue Skies for Salamander's Big Night Workshop

Thank you to the almost 30 nature lovers of all ages who attended our Salamander workshop this past Saturday. During our walk the group found three salamanders, animal signs and scat, along with spotting birds. It was a brisk day; but it was sunny and we especially appreciated the blue skies. Our excitement for spring was alive!

During this program, we learned about "Big Night" and the journeys amphibians set out on the first warm, rainy nights towards the end of winter and the beginning of spring. They move from their homes under leaves, rocks, and other forest cover and travel down to the pools of water from melting snow to lay their eggs. Biologists and conservationists stress the perils of this journey, including crossing roads and dodging traffic. Participants learned how they could help amphibians on this special night by being aware of possible places they may cross and even helping them across. 

Thank you Lynn for leading the group! We hope you will join us at another upcoming event; "The Eyes of a Wolf" at Grafton Ponds for ages 10 and up on Saturday, April 2nd.