Walk Like a Wolf; See Through Its Eyes

Editor's note, 3/31: This program has reached capacity and registration has closed.

What does a wolf see, hear, and smell? Is it different from a dog, or from us, for that matter?

And do you ever wonder what it would be like to someday hear the howl of a wolf on a Vermont night?

This Saturday, gather with others intrigued by this strong animal that has been vilified for centuries in myths and fairytales.

Our "Eyes of a Wolf" program starts at 10am at the Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center and it will be led by Adam Katrick of Wolfgard Northeast, a Southern Vermont-based non-profit whose mission is to "explore the wild through wolves". 

A wolf expert and advocate, Katrick knows his stuff; during his undergraduate days at Marlboro College (where he is now a graduate student) he spent a summer working and learning at a wolf sanctuary in Colorado, Mission: Wolf.

The workshop will begin with an hour-long informational session presented by Katrick covering the differences and similarities between wolves, dogs, and humans. At its end, the group will head outside for a guided walk led by Katrick, who will encourage participants to shift perspectives so that they may see the woods through the eyes of a wolf or predator. 

The program is an exciting opportunity to learn more about these often misunderstood animals. Katrick's passion for wolves is clearly strong judging from this reflection posted to Wolfgard Northeast's blog:

The first time I saw a wolf face-to-face — felt the brush of its whiskers and the intense, purposeful gaze of its amber eyes — it was a threshold from which I could not turn back. I am driven to learn and teach about wolves in every dimension; to reveal and heal broken bonds and show that respect of the wolf not only conserves our ecosystems, but also ties humans to our wild ancestry.
— Adam Katrick
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