Earth Day Party Wrap-up

Happy Monday! This past weekend started on a high note with Earth Day on Friday; we were jazzed to welcome forty people to the Nature Museum for our annual celebration for this beautiful blue marble that we call home. With many local children out of school last week for spring vacation, it was an ideal time to gather and spend some time thinking about and spending time enjoying nature.

Thank you to educator Jamie Maloof-Schilling for her presentation, "Predators and Prey". Attendees enjoyed having a chance to handle several animal hides, furs, feathers, and bones. They also picked up pointers on identifying the sounds of various Vermont wildlife by listening to several recordings that Jamie brought with her. What does the fox say? Ask a party-goer—they know!

To top it all off—the weather was clear! It was just right for a game of "Frog Stalk", a group game where it pays to be very quiet and stealthy in order to tag the honorary "frog". If the frog spies one of the stalkers moving, they are out. It's basically "red light, green light" for the nature-minded!

Afterwards, we headed for the hill and then the woods, for some unstructured adventure. 

We hope you all enjoyed the weekend!