Grafton Elementary's 3rd Grade Class Gives Back to the Nature Museum

It's no secret that we love getting out in our greater community (check out our Summer Unplugged programs!), and beyond Grafton, the lovely town our museum calls home. But we're also so fortunate to have a hefty supply of wild enthusiasm for nature just down the road at nearby Grafton Elementary School. Throughout the year, we offer programming to the school at large and to some individual classrooms. 

We have just received a generous donation from one such class---Amanda Penge's 3rd grade classroom. The civic-minded class raised $335 at the Holiday Bazaar and have opted to give these raised funds to The Nature Museum so we can continue our work. 

The kids described the motivation behind this sweet gesture: “The Nature Museum does so much for us, we wanted to give back to you.”  They pressed for a return trip by our Environmental Educator Jay DeGregorio to their after-school club for more "Nature Mondays".   

We depend on generous donors like this to keep the Museum vital, connected, and growing so it goes without saying that this really meant a lot to us. This kind of support is critical in enabling us to continue to serve our local community.

Thank you Grafton Elementary School 3rd Graders!! We love your support and enthusiasm!

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