The Village School Learns About North America's Largest Rodent

The Village School of North Bennington visited the Nature Museum today and came prepared to wow our Environmental Educator Jay DiGregorio on all of the things they have learned during a recent unit on beavers. He was impressed with both their knowledge and enthusiasm for these semi-aquatic mammals.

Jay shared with them more fascinating beaver facts before giving them a closer look at several hands-on beaver artifacts like chew marks,  pelts, imitation skat, and a model of a beaver skull.  

From this program, the group learned the importance of the beaver's role in its wetland habitat. After agreeing that beavers are excellent architects in nature, the group set off on an adventure to a nearby pond. There they studied macroinvertebrates by pond dipping before having a chance to run around and play on what was a beautiful sunny day.

We were so grateful to spend the day with these young and enthusiastic naturalists!