Another Successful Brave Bears Camp

With a slew of free programming offered during spring break and our summer Brave Bears camp sessions announced, we here at The Nature Museum are eager and ready for the increased opportunities to be outside as the weather warms up. We hope you can join us!

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The Nature Museum hosted our Brave Bears Winter Camp on February 21st and 22nd; both days were packed with fun despite the February thaw that happened on day one and the return of winter on day two. 

After starting the day with an opening circle, campers donned snowshoes and set out as a group to the "fort-building forest". Upon arriving at their destination they played several rounds of the game "Camouflage"; this tested campers' senses as they took turns being the "bobcat" and finding the hidden "prey" who sneakily kept an eye on the bobcat while in hiding. This activity was also fruitful in giving campers an early opportunity to stake out areas that had real fort or fairy house potential. After the game, campers had ample time to explore, build those forts and fairy houses, and inspect some interesting ice formations.

After lunch back at the museum, campers learned about animals in winter, fur, feather, and bones by inspecting various pelts, bones, skulls, feet, and feathers. Afternoon options included open exploration time of the museum and craft-making.

As a group campers chose their final activities outside and for both days, sled riding, snow play, and independent games in the garden were the chosen activities for the afternoon. During closing circle at the end of the day, each camper and educator shared one highlight of the day and one thing they were grateful for. Despite the very different conditions of each day, camper and educators had a blast enjoying the day in so many ways.

Our Brave Bears camps are grounded in the belief that its vital to give kids a chance to connect with nature through play and open-ended exploration with their peers. And this session was no exception!

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