Brave Bears Camper Celebrate Another Birthday!


If you're following our Instagram account, you may have spotted a photo from this week's Brave Bears Camp showing a camper blowing out her birthday candles.

Another beautiful birthday celebration happened today at camp; this time for Uma! Her new camp friends baked a mud pie in the Nature Museum's gardens and surprised her with it this afternoon.

After she made a wish and blew out the candles, the group sang a spirited rendition of "Happy Birthday" to her. 

In other Brave Bears news, the kids had a special “Museum” day. They checked out the observational bee hive and then went outside and collected insects in sweep nets in the meadow that they brought back to the Museum to study. Campers received a “behind the scenes” tour of the Museum. They even explored the basement, a special collections area not open to the public. 

During “free choice time” campers chose to get wet playing on the slip-n-slide, built fairy houses in the garden, played with the hula hoops and created artwork outside.

Another jam packed week of Brave Bears Camp for ages 6-9 is planned for later this month for July 23rd-27th; a few spots remain!