Know a Builder: Kate Deslauriers


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Kate DesLauriers is a Girl Scout Troop leader and mother from Chester who has been a fairy house builder with her children and her Girl Scouts for The Nature Museum for seven years. She recently shared her favorite memories from the fest and tips for first time builders. 

How did you first hear about the Fairy House Festival?

"Through the Chester Andover School"

What's your favorite material to work with when creating a fairy house?

"Bark – you can form it to many different shapes and Moss covers and hides materials you do not want visible."

Who do you build fairy structures with?

"My kids.  Both my son and daughter love building and creating fairy houses."

About how much time do you estimate it takes you to collect materials, assemble a house, and take it to the fairy house trail?

"We start about a month in advance. Designing ideas and collecting materials. We take about two weeks to build our houses."

Why do you love building fairy houses?

"I love seeing all the creative ideas that people and groups come up with.  I love that it is something I can do with the kids."

What advice would you give to someone building a fairy house for the first time?

"Collect lots of Moss!!  Make sure you give yourself plenty of time and don’t make it too heavy. The first Fairy house the kids and I made for this tour we built it on a large log that had 3 levels.  We had to get it up the hill, down the trail, and set up in our spot. That was a lot of work."

Which fairy structures have you created in the past? Do you have a favorite?

"My Girl Scout troop last year created a village.  They made playgrounds, stores, businesses, houses, and other buildings.  It was great to see such individual creations that came together as one."

What’s the best memory you have of building a fairy house?

"During the Fairy House Festival they have all kinds of collected materials where anyone can build a fairy house in their garden.  Each year the materials are different and I love to watch what everyone creates. One year my daughter created a beach theme using all local materials.

The first year we went my son was a year old and he created fairy ears at the arts and craft area.  He wore those for weeks afterwards. The crafting area was the only thing that got him away from the bubbles!"

Have you ever seen a fairy stop by one of your fairy houses?

"We keep looking, we have yet to spot one but hope to one of these times."

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Fairy House by Delaney and Willem Bargfrede