A Bountiful Weekend with The Mushroom Forager

This past weekend we were thrilled to host Ari Rockland Miller and Jenna Antonino DiMare of The Mushroom Forager for a morning and afternoon workshop and guided walk. In what has become an annual August tradition, this year's gathering was made even more special with the addition of a special mushroom-centric four course dinner at The Grafton Inn. Several of the day's participants attended the dinner, along with Ari, Jenna, and their sweet daughter.

It was an ideal opportunity to share sightings from earlier in the day, plus exchange tips for future forays. The walks' finds included black trumpets, chanterelles, lobster, and hedgehog mushrooms. Both groups were enthusiastic and eager to become more adept at confidently identifying the poisonous mushrooms and at least one edible variety.

The weather was perfect, and the mushroom hunting conditions were prime due to the recent showers. Thank you to the Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association for conserving the land that we forayed on.  

And of course-—thank you for Ari and Jenna for sharing your expertise!

Participants were extremely excited to discover the diversity of wild mushrooms fruiting in late summer in Vermont, from yellow foot chanterelles to hedgehogs to lobsters. As always, an extremely successful workshop and foray at the Nature Museum! We covered safety, strategy, and ethical wild harvest, and put on our forager’s eyes to discover a cornucopia of wild mushrooms in the woods.
— Ari Rockland Miller, The Mushroom Forager


Walk Slideshow

Thank you for a fabulous dinner Grafton Inn!